What is Arakan Martial Art?

Arakan Martial Art® is an effective and powerful self-defence art that teaches efficient, practical and easily adaptable techniques for the ‘street’ environment.

Arakan Martial Art® is not a competition based style, nor ring style sport. Our focus is on fast and effective self-defence techniques to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

We provide a safe, friendly and fun environment where you will learn amazing self-protection techniques whilst boosting greater levels of empowerment, confidence and focus. 

Arakan Martial Art® is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. We will adapt the lesson to where you are at and everyone can participate.

You will also develop discipline, conditioning and skills to remain calm in heightened situations. Groups will work together in unison, encouraging one another, building awareness, skill sets, techniques and threshold to deal with many life situations, in a supportive and safe environment. 

Give your Team the Winning Edge

Arakan Martial Arts

Corporate / Team Building

Build stronger, more resilient teams with Arakan Martial Art® by developing greater situational awareness in an environment where members support, grow and help each other on their journey.

At Arakan Martial Art® training partners do not compete against each other, so you will not be asked to compete or ‘fight’ against your colleagues. Teams will however, learn to develop awareness and adapt their techniques in a group environment, essential for any team to function efficiently and effectively.

You will be inspired training with fellow team members in a fun and positive environment. You will feel incredible levels of camaraderie and a greater connection with your training partners and/or colleagues.

Schools and Junior Programs

Arakan Martial Art® has been teaching children of all ages specialised self-defence and awareness lessons since 1993. Arakan has received numerous anecdotal cases of our junior students greatly benefitting from their training, improving their ‘street smart’ skills, self-awareness, situational and environmental awareness, as well as improving their social and academic skills and abilities. Training has helped increase their self-respect and respect for others.

Child will have an opportunity to learn and develop ‘street smart’ skills and awareness in a nurturing, positive, creative and fun environment. Attributes which will transition into greater areas of their life as they mature into adulthood.

A 1 or 1 ½ hour lesson will give you a basic understanding of self-defence skills and techniques to begin you on your journey to greater levels of empowerment. 


”When I started Arakan, I was a stressed out, overweight businessman who was very unhealthy and was close to going on medication for high cholesterol. After 3 months of training I lost weight, was much fitter and doctors informed me I no longer needed to go on medication.

I have been training for over 3 years now and have literally gotten my life back. I am now fit, healthy and strong both mentally and physically. I feel 15 years younger and have found that I no longer feel stressed about anything in life.

My relationships, work and all other aspects of my life have become much richer and successful and this is due to the unique and complete way Arakan instructors help you to grow stronger in mind and body.

The instructors are personal, caring and extremely dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential.” - Dave Mason

“I started training Arakan in 2011 as a fun way to spend some time with my wife where we could both learn a skill and meet new people. I started off with one private and one group lesson per week which quickly turned into 3 to 4 lessons per week because I enjoy it so much.

As an executive in a large business I face daily challenges in meeting the needs of staff and hundreds of customers which puts me under a lot of pressure. Arakan has given me a physical outlet for a lot of these pressures which helps me manage my stress levels.

As the training can be quite physical, Arakan has also helped me learn and push both my mental and physical limits which enables me to be more focused and clear headed when making decisions in my professional life. I’ve also met a lot of great like minded people through Arakan who are really positive and motivated.” - Chris Bradd

“Arakan has helped Talia immensely. It has given her discipline, greater confidence, focus and self-esteem. She now has greater awareness of bullies at her school and is assertive when required. It has been the best activity that I have invested in for my child.” - Amy, Mother of Talia

“We began the training as a way of focussing his energy. He has loved every minute of it, and has gained in confidence, focus, self-esteem, strength and general fitness.” - Kelly, Mother of Logan