What is Equine Assisted Learning?

  • Get your team outdoors and connect back to nature
  • Disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other
  • Practical hands-on activities and learn by doing
  • Immediate shifts in behaviour and see change unfold right in front of your eyes

There are half and full day programs with group sizes from 6 to 30 (larger groups on request). No horsemanship is required as all activities are ground based, with no riding involved.

The Wisdom of the Horse

Team Building – Suitable for all Teams
A unique, fun and interactive experience where teams immerse themselves in various activities with the horses to learn about trust, communication, and relationships. Team members will gain deeper insight into each other, the different personalities, strengths, and team dynamics. The outcomes are increased team cohesion, collaboration, and effectiveness.

Leadership Development – Suitable for Executive Teams and Small Leadership Groups
It provides leaders with a deep dive experience of discovering ‘who am I in the eyes of the other’. The activities with the horses are designed to create insight and self-awareness. Leaders will discover a fresh perspective on the impact of non-verbal communication on others and learn more about their leadership styles and preferences. Learning is consolidated through the opportunity to practice how to connect, inspire and lead from a place of calm respect and trust.


“We were challenged to observe and interact with horses as a way of understanding how we as a team communicate and engage with each other. We were able to learn and reflect on how our energy, body language, thoughts and intentions impact and influence everyone around us. We walked away from the day feeling connected as a team, energized and incredibly grateful to Jackie for the meaningful learning experience with the horses.”

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