Away from the interruptions and bustle of the everyday office environment, your team can achieve your corporate objectives. Also known as "electronic paintball" Laser Skirmish is great for team building and development, leadership development and cultural and strategic change.

Examples of where outdoor Laser Skirmish is useful for team building:

  • Relationship and trust building among top management of a newly merged company.
  • Building a common orientation among teams on a corporate sales force, to improve communication and problem solving, and better support personal initiative and risk-taking.
  • Improving communication and problem solving between kitchen and wait staff in a successful restaurant (or sales and technical staff, or indeed any personal staff that might not normally interact)

Working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence develops trust. Individuals can focus on personal issues, interpersonal dynamics and team functioning, while supported by skilled facilitators. To rely on others in ways which are not customary for individuals in a normal working environment, it generates new communication channels often beyond anything previously experienced by colleagues in the workplace.

Outdoor Laser Skirmish learning typically uses this cycle:

  • Mission Briefing
  • Practical Exercise/Laser Skirmish Mission
  • Debriefing including reviewing what happened and considering developments and alternatives both within the group and as an individual.

Do You Want to Improve Team Work in Your Group?

The essence of effective team building is to allow people to move past the barriers that they hold to, to deal with day to day challenges. By challenging your group to an unfamiliar and often unpredictable setting such as the outdoors there is a levelling of roles. Whatever the complexity of relationships within a team, outdoor experiences place everyone on common ground. While some individuals may have more outdoor skill or experience than others, our missions are designed to offer different levels of challenge so that co-operative team effort, not individual attainment is of primary importance.

With the opening of the new battlefield at Thunderbird Park, Tamborine Mountain, your team can benefit from the great outdoors amongst 5-star facilities. With our modern, fully equipped, air-conditioned conference rooms, your laser skirmish debriefs can be done in comfort.

So why not equip your team with infrared weapons and sensors and head for the forest, where we can help your team develop camaraderie amongst your colleagues?