What is The Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail bespoke team and leadership program will unleash your team’s power! By evening out the playing field, getting everyone outside of the workplace and their comfort zones, and communicating and working together out of necessity, your team will have more authentic interactions, and develop transferable skills that have a direct impact on your organisational performance and culture. What’s more, they will have fun whilst achieving amazing feats and goals together.


The Holy Grail is a customized corporate adventure program designed for your group to excite, engage and challenge your team as well as reveal key strengths, leadership, behaviours, conflict resolution, problem-solving and communication skills. It is also loads of fun! This program is bespoke teambuilding and can run from 3 hours to a full day. The facilitators have experienced the corporate business and leadership coaches from Bec Fox Unleash Your Power Company. You can take the knowledge and learnings and apply it in your business environment. Participants must navigate their way through a series of challenges using physical, mental and creative abilities on their quest for the Holy Grail, collecting team points based on their level of engagement and achievement. The teams will compete against one another and a winning team will be awarded the Holy Grail Cup to take back to the workplace. The program can also include team theme colours, chants and dress codes.

You have the option to prepare your team outfits and chant before you arrive on the day and be dressed up in your tribal colours. At the Holy Grail event, you will be cast on 200 acres of open land with a running creek, lake and rainforest and given multiple challenges. Each one, if successful gaining you points. Some are mental challenges, other physical, and loads of team problem-solving.

Be prepared to get wet. Work together. Unleash your Courage. Teamwork. Problem-solving. Creativity. Imagination. Voice. Camaraderie. Cohesion. Be prepared to step out of comfort zone to win the ultimate prize – the Holy Grail Cup. It takes a team. Are you up for the challenge?

Give your Company a Winning Team Mindset and Strategies  

The Holy Grail is a bespoke leadership program designed by Bec Fox from Unleash Your Power, a professional executive coach, using over 30 years experience in teambuilding programs integrating human psychology techniques, adventure education pedagogy and winning team and leadership strategies. With a team of experienced facilitators, the challenge is high-end and delivers an engaging, fun and challenging program that will encompass reflection of self-awareness, innovation, creativity, communication and social and emotional intelligence.  It is one of the most popular events at Cedar Creek Lodge for teams and conference delegates. Managers are increasingly aware that the success of a business is balanced and is a direct result of how effective their team operates.

The potential outcomes of The Holy Grail and other Bespoke team building programs are

•   increased work and life satisfaction

•    increased creativity and innovation

•    team member self-awareness and improved SEI

•    strategies for effective leadership, behaviour management, communication and attitudes

•    increased company engagement

•    alignment of team members to corporate vision, values and goals

•    improved organisational flexibility

•    ultimate improvement in team cohesion, focus and productivity leading to results

You get direct access to Bec Fox Unleash Your Power to discuss the program. We can tailor each program to your company vision, values and desired outcomes. Alternatively, we can run it as pure fun, engaging team event with leadership and team success principles and strategies. Whatever the decision it will be engaging and have a long-lasting impact on your team.


Reilly Brown - “"Bec Fox | Unleash Your Power delivers a deeply insightful understanding of the importance of disruptive leadership, vulnerability in community culture and the significance of failure in growth. Her programs are awesome to draw out an understanding of your potential in the workplace.

Rachel Becker - “Walked away from the program refreshed and excited for the future. It gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and try a different approach in a work situation. I would say I approach people from a different mindset also. Thanks a tonne !!!"

Imogene Yasmin - Through Unleash Your Power programs, my learnings were: understanding my own work style better, overcoming limitations of our team and increasing better communication, and what I can immediately start doing to improve my effectiveness with the team - under our newly agreed team values”.

Viv Capes - “Bec is a dynamic leader with vision. She inspires growth and change. She has amazing focus, is flexible and innovative. Bec takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery and personal and professional growth. She is solid gold.”