What does Bec Fox | Unleash Your Power Workshops Offer

Bec Fox is a highly respected executive leadership coach and business coach and a specialist in exceptional leadership, transformational mindset, personality profiling and cultural wellness. She runs VIP Executive coaching, leadership and team workshops throughout Australia and Internationally.

Talking on a wide range of business topics to help unleash the power in teams, leadership and business Bec can deliver one of her signature presentations or work with you to create a customised workshop just for your event.

While every presentation Bec makes is tailored to deliver the specific results required by our client, the following recurrent themes are favourites among our clients. Each of the following topics can be tailored to a time ranging from 30-60 minute presentations to half-day workshop or programs tailored for one two or three full days.

Bec Fox’s presence and runs workshops across Australia and internationally. Her most popular workshops and speaking events include;

  • Finding your Vision. Aligned values and success mindset
  • Organisational Development – Establishing trustworthy and effective models and strategies for success
  • DISC Profiling – Building performing teams through strengths analysis, effective communication, and successful leadership strategies.
  • Teamwork – Unleashing your Team’s Power
  • From good to great to exceptional: Unleashing the power of high performance
  • Remarkable recruitment: How to attract the right people into your business
  • Personality profiling: The key to unlocking peak performance
  • How to develop a growth mindset: What holds us all back and how to flip it
  • Become the leader others want to follow
  • The egoless workplace: How to build rapport and credibility without infuriating anyone

Give your Company a Winning Team Mindset and Success Strategies with a DISC Workshop

Your team are the backbone of your organisation. They are at the frontline every day dealing with customers, setting your standard of quality and forming your reputation. They are your greatest assets.

One of the best ways to unleash the power of your team and uncover their hidden strengths, talents, passions, personality quirks and communication styles is through behavioural and personality profiling. Bec Fox is an accredited Extended DISC profiler and trainer.

Just imagine if you could communicate more effectively, delegate more clearly, understand the ‘why’ behind certain behaviours and have the ability to unlock your team’s peak performance. This is what profiling can do within your organisation.

While there are many psychometric profiles and character strength tests Bec Fox has accredited with Extended DISC training and runs bespoke workshops.  Based on human psychology, business success strategies and benchmarks for elevating leadership and business growth, Extended DISC have both been scientifically proven to enhance performance.

A workshop after doing the online DISC report has powerful outcomes. Bec prefers to run a 4 hour to 6-hour workshop to allow immersion into DISC energies.

Within a day’s workshop, she introduces fundamental human psychology strategies for mindset and behaviours that stem from individual profiles. She then provides a deeper understanding of the DISC energies. In understanding DISC more, your team will be able to identify their own energy, how they perform in a peak state (their ultimate state), how they communicate, how they are perceived by others and how they perform under pressure. The workshop will provide human psychology strategies and guidance on how to work better within teams, build a positive and effective culture and understand individual energies to improve communication with peers and clients.

Embracing an ‘at cause mindset’ and enabling DISC energies to thrive at work can help us move forward positively with purpose and as a united team. Not to mention the impact on life, family and relationships outside the workplace.

If you engage in an online DISC, we can further cover how to understand individual reports.  Bec can then “cluster” the team in a separate report (complimentary), highlighting how they spread across the spectrum. This is extremely valuable for communication, management, HR and recruitment.

Bec Fox facilitates with an engaging style. She allows time for individual profile understanding, reflection, team discussion and intertwine activities and scenarios that highlight how people work under pressure and at optimal performance. The team experiences their own profile strengths and stretches, plus those of others through specific activities.

We have enclosed links to her website page on Extended Disc Profiling.

Be prepared to get engaged. Work together. Unleash your Courage. Team work. Problem solve. Bring creativity. Imagination. Voice. Camaraderie. Cohesion. In essence, be prepared to learn, grow and engage even more with your team.

The outcomes of engaging with an experienced facilitator, coach and DISC Profiler who designs bespoke workshops and presentations are more influence on results in the areas of

•  increased work and life satisfaction
•  increased creativity and innovation
•  team member self-awareness and improved SEI
•  strategies for effective leadership, behaviour management, communication and attitudes
•  increased company engagement
•  alignment of team members to corporate vision, values and goals
•  improved organisational flexibility
•  ultimate improvement in team cohesion, focus and productivity leading to results across  retention, goal success and profit margins


Reilly Brown - “"Bec Fox | Unleash Your Power delivers a deeply insightful understanding of the importance of disruptive leadership, vulnerability in community culture and the significance of failure in growth. Her programs are awesome to draw out an understanding of your potential in the workplace.

Rachel Becker - “Walked away from the program refreshed and excited for the future. It gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and try a different approach in a work situation. I would say I approach people from a different mindset also. Thanks a tonne !!!"

Imogene Yasmin - Through Unleash Your Power programs, my learnings were: understanding my own work style better, overcoming limitations of our team and increasing better communication, and what I can immediately start doing to improve my effectiveness with the team - under our newly agreed team values”.

Viv Capes - “Bec is a dynamic leader with vision. She inspires growth and change. She has amazing focus, is flexible and innovative. Bec takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery and personal and professional growth. She is solid gold.”