Cedar Creek Lodges at Thunderbird Park has transformed its Lobby and Lounge Bar walls into an exhibition space showcasing beautiful Scenic Rim artworks. 

With some 200,000 visitors and guests passing through each year, we are hopeful that this will translate into our artists’ works being purchased by art lovers from near and far.

The Gallery was officially opened at an invitation-only event of 90 art enthusiasts on Wednesday, 3rd November by the Hon. Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO.


Louise Grove Wiechers (The Gallery Curator)
Louise has the extraordinary ability to transport the viewer far from the everyday and into another world by capturing both the vibrant spirit and peacefulness of rural living. The natural beauty of our Scenic Rim vistas has given Louise endless inspiration. She understands the effect of light and colour on the senses. With animated, colourful brushwork; lifestyle and landscape are fused radiantly together. Louise is also a qualified fine-art printmaker and often has a collection of etchings, lino, collagraph and life drawings on display.

Ron Bryant
Ron's passion is painting Landscapes and Sea Scapes in Oil or Mixed Media. He's truly blessed to live in a beautiful part of Queensland Australia, which is so tropical and also so rural. In all Ron's paintings, he endeavours to capture light - energy and the atmosphere that he sees and feels. Nowadays Ron rarely paints from a reference photograph, as he likes to experience the connection with nature by note-taking and observing, then taking his thoughts and sketches back into the studio to paint from his experience.

Trish Price
Art has been Trish’s passion since she first took lessons as a child. However, it is through developing her techniques of painting in acrylics that Trish has found her feet. Her style is marked by realistic images of Australian landscapes and the creatures that live there. Loving Australian birds, Trish’s artwork has a special focus on these gorgeous forest and garden dwellers. Her works give the viewer an opportunity to share with the artist an appreciation for beauty, mystery and a connection with the Australian bush and wildlife.

Helen Griffin
Helen works from pictures taken while walking on bush tracks, by the ocean or over rocky, dry terrain. Her images are impressionistic - an attempt to capture the transience of the moment and her reaction to that moment. Her choices of colour for the initial "wash" determine mood, and the speed and urgency of line and paint application are an instinctive effort to capture the immediacy of the moment. She's never certain of what she's going to create, but a new reality is produced, which she hopes to capture the experience and essence of the landscape.

Susan Lhamo
Since college graduation in 1975, Susan has pursued her painting career, held 5 solo shows and participated in many group exhibitions. The landscape of places near where she lives, has been one of her main points of interest and has inspired her artwork. In her paintings, she likes to evoke the spirit or feeling of the landscapes she experiences and invite the viewer to find similar connections. The relationship between colours is a significant part of her art practice. Susan presently lives and creates art on Tamborine Mountain.

Debaran Wright
Art making is the diary of Debaran's life. Although she teaches many various mediums, she finds the combination of materials and textures to be the most exciting and experimental. Her work includes the use of bitumen, shellac, ink, paper, print, acrylics, found objects and oils. She has exhibited in many galleries and her work has been purchased by clients in Brisbane, Sydney, London and The Hague. One of her latest sales was to the Redland Shire Council and it now hangs in their offices.

Cassi Ashton Thomas
Cassi's work is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas she has about herself and the world she lives in. She doesn't limit herself to one medium, style or concept. Each piece she creates is an extension from the past, where she's come from and what she's learned, as well as a preview of the future and where she's going. As an art educator, she will create a space where people can believe in self-expression without judgement or fear. Her perfect world is a place where every student celebrates their creations, no matter how big or small.

Abigail Chaloupka
Art, music and culture are an integral part of Abi’s life. She’s a contemporary artist with strong indigenous influence. A deep respect for ceremony, art and traditional culture was instilled in Abi at a very young age. Formal education helped to further develop Abi’s discipline and practices. She has matured to become a practical art maker who can produce works from murals to performance art. Now living in Wangeriburra Country, Abi continues to dedicate her art to the respect and acknowledgment of the sacredness of landscape.