Innovative thinking is essential to business success and team building. The Canyon Flyer addresses all aspects with a new and exciting approach. Your team will bond during the introductory 4WD experience. Anticipation builds as the team approaches the high-flying, fast moving zip-line. The challenge is there to be faced. Adrenalin boosted daring moves into to play as each member of the team reacts to the high adventure.

TreeTop Challenge Gold Award

Top Tips

  • 10 adventurers per tour + leaders front έ back
  • An unreal 4WD through rainforest to begin
  • Experience speeds of up to 70kms per hour
  • 7 breathtaking, adrenaline-pumping ziplines
  • More than 60m high zigzagging the canyon
  • Allow 3 hrs - for an adventure of a lifetime!