We are proud to be using Australia’s most premium certified organic skincare, Jasmin Organics. The Jasmin Organics’ manicured gardens are located five minutes from Cedar Creek Lodges and tours can be arranged!

Therapeutic Massage

Choose the pressure that suits you best and we will help take the tension out of your body. This type of massage helps those suffering from a backache, neck ache, sciatica etc.

$150 – 1-hour massage 
$210 – 1 ½ hour massage

Hot Stone Massage

As simple as heat and pressure. A wonderful relaxing massage that will use the heat from the stones to penetrate the muscles and add just a little bit of pressure to ease the tautness of those muscles.

$160 – 1-hour massage
$220 – 1 ½ hour massage

Salt Glow Massage

A superb full body massage with the pressure to suit your body’s needs with an exfoliation of the skin using Epsoms Salts containing magnesium to draw the toxins from your body. We use hot towels to take the salt off and finish off with a nourishing natural cream to leave your skin velvety smooth.

$160 – 1-hour massage
$220 – 1 ½ hour massage



*Massages cannot be refunded but can be issued a gift certificate for 12 months