Are you looking to get out of the city to spend the weekend in nature but setting up a tent and going camping is not really what you had in mind? Then we have the prefect solution for you!

Cedar Creek Lodges' Woodlands Glamping

Glamping on Tamborine Mountain provides the perfect blend between luxury-style accommodation and camping in natural surrounds. Set overlooking the stunning Cedar Creek, these new glamping tents provide the ultimate experience in rustic luxury.

Cedar Creek Lodges' Woodlands glamping offer the perfect camping (or GLAMping rather) experience without having to put in the hard yards, and without even having to leave South East Queensland. You only have to drive an hour from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to find the rainforests of Tamborine Mountain and Cedar Creek Lodges’ new Woodlands glamping. Have the ultimate rustic camping experience—in full luxury. When we say glamping, we’re talking a king-sized bed, a large couch and a TV, all inside a massive tent overlooking the rainforest. Oh and did we mention, you get to shower under the stars in our fabulous open-air shower!

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Woodlands Tents

4 x Woodlands Tents

From $349 per night

Surrounded by rainforest and overlooking Cedar Creek, the brand new Woodlands Tents take glamping to the next level with an ensuite allowing you to shower under the stars. 




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Woodlands Luxe Tents

2 x Woodlands Luxe Tents

From $399 per night

Surrounded by rainforest, the Woodlands Luxe Tent takes glamping to the next level with an ensuite allowing you to shower under the stars AND an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking Cedar Creek. 




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Woodlands Family Tents

5 x Woodlands Family Tents

From $449 per night

An idyllic setting for your family. The Woodlands Family Tents provide an authentic outdoor experience, complete with a deck overlooking Cedar Creek and an outdoor kitchen and BBQ to elevate the adventure.




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Woodlands Family Luxe Tent

1 x Woodlands Family Luxe Tent

From $599 per night

The Woodlands Family Luxe Tent provides the ultimate outdoor experience, complete with a private plunge pool, sun deck and an outdoor kitchen and BBQ.




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Why You should Go Glamping at Tamborine Mountain This Year

Do you have a love-hate relationship with traditional camping?

Being in nature and breathing in the fresh air without the hustle and bustle from the city is appealing - the lack of convenience and basic amenities is not! If you are someone who finds the great outdoors inspiring but are afraid that pitching a tent in the middle of the woods is a bit too rugged for you, we suggest you try luxury glamping instead. Here's what you need to know...

What is glamping?

As the name implies, glam-ping is the more glamourous version of camping. It is the perfect combination of getting into the great outdoors while keeping the comforts of your own home such as a toilet, a shower and comfortable beds. When glamping, everything is taken care of; no need to pitch a tent, dig a hole for toilet or get the fire going - you just have to show up and enjoy your rustic luxury style accommodation.

When we say glamping, we’re talking a king-sized bed, a large couch and a TV, all inside a massive tent or cabin (we talk different types of glamping in the following section). And as the phenomenon has grown around the world, many glamping sites now offer up luxury facilities such as breakfast in bed, spa baths and much more. And you get to enjoy all this while in nature and beautiful surrounds – it is the ultimate way to relax and unwind on a holiday.

Types of Glamping

Glamping comes in many shapes and form, and is available in a variety of destinations across the globe. From cabins, lodges and glamping pods, to safari tents and yurts and tepees, your luxury glamping accommodation can look whichever way you want it to. But how does one pick?

Many people pick the style of accommodation based on the destination. If you’re going to the savannah, a safari tent makes sense. If you’re want to enjoy the vistas, a tree house would be your best options. In colder climate you can even go glamping in igloos, if you’re not scared of frostbite that is. Do you research and enjoy the many quirky accommodation options for the adventurous traveller.

Benefits of Glamping:

So, now we have explored more of what glamping entails and the many different ways your glamping accommodation can look, but are there any more benefits to this hype? Plenty, if you ask us:

The Price One of the best parts about this type of luxury accommodation is that it typically doesn’t come with the price tag of traditional luxury hotels or resorts. It’s not unusual that glamping sites and tents are run by individuals or small businesses, which means there is no overhead of a big resort property or maintenance and your money goes straight into the local community
Beginner friendly You don’t have to be an expert to go glamping, not even close. It will require no prior camping knowledge, neither do you need any camp gear or equipment. Glamping allows you to experience nature on your terms and you can slowly up your level of “roughness” as you get the hang of it – if you want to!
Eco Friendly Not only does glamping immerse you in nature, it also helps you protect it. Many glamping facilities are using solar power or wind power for their operations and are usually good at mimimising their carbon footprint. As ecotourism rises in demand, glamping stands a great chance to skyrocket in popularity.         

The Woodlands - Glamping

There’s no better way to experience nature than to immerse yourself in it. Cedar Creek Lodges offers a range of accommodation styles on Tamborine Mountain. It is ideal for family holidays, romantic escapes, conferences and picture-perfect weddings. You can do as much or as little as you like - the choice is yours!

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